of wine & yabbies

Importers and wholesalers of premium Australian food, proudly manufactured by small producers located in some of the most beautiful regions around this great southern land.

Of Wine and Yabbies are importers and wholesalers of gourmet delicatessen and iconic foodstuffs from Australia into the United Kingdom and Europe.


There is a great diversity of food cultures represented in modern day Australia - from the native owners of the land through to people from every corner of the world who make Australia their home.


This culinary heritage is enjoyed via the fork, the plate, the chopstick and the glass.


Australia, because of its size and regional location has a variety if climate and growing conditions. Tropical, desert, temperate, maritime, and cool climate allow for, not only a diversity of food that can grow, but with it, ripeness and depth of flavour that you can taste on the plate.


The food (and wine) that we present here is made by individuals who do what they do with great care and attention, with a provenance of place and a sharing of the table with family and friends.


Our customers are in the Retail, Wholesale and Food Service sectors of the market and for any information regarding supply please contact us.


Also, if anyone would like to track down a Retailer near you who sell our products please just give us a call.


Latest News

Ian & Diana are in Australia - 


Diana and me are in Australia for the time being.

However Douglas Green, our beancounter is holding the fort in our absence. If you have any queries either contact him directly or e-mail me ian@ofwineandyabbies.com
Verjuice - 


Maggie Beer's  Cooking with Verjuice

The renaissance in Verjuice has been a long time coming and a dedicated few extolling the virtues of this great acidulant, have seen the green shoots turn into mature vines.
When introducing verjuice my first statement is “You will start by deglazing a pan” then you will find amazing uses for this wonderful ingredient: poaching, dressings, reductions, steeping, marinades…(try Sangiovese Verjuice when poaching fruit the …….
We now have available in the UK Maggie Beer's publication Cooking with Verjuice
"How to use Verjuice, the juice of unripe grapes, to lend a gentle lemony acidity to your cooking" please contact www.mistergees.co.uk
To quote from Maggie Beer’s Harvest “Verjuice (or verjus) is made from the juice of unripened grapes. Its Flavour has a tartness of lemon and the Acidity of vinegar without the harshness of either”    
Although sales of the Maggie Beer food service 2lt size have increase significantly as a secret ingredient for many chefs and cooks. It is with the new books written by amazing Chefs Skye Gyngell, Yotam Ottolenghi & Peter Gordon who have given the opportunity introduced to many keen foodies to use Maggie’s Verjuice.  
details of there recipes when I get permission………
New Products Mount Zero DUKKAH - 


The word is derived from the Arabic for "to pound" since the mixture of spices; sesame, coriander, cumin, salt and pepper and nuts; hazel, pistachios &, almonds are pounded together after being dry roasted to a texture that is neither powdered nor paste-like. The actual composition of the spice mix can vary however Mount Zero is a great addition to any per dinner nibbles, in honey & Yogurt for breakfast or for coating fish, lamb or chicken prior to roasting or shallow frying.

Imagine you are in a pavement cafe in Sydney on a warm evening a decent glass of  something white and chilled perhaps Chalkers Crossing 2010 Chardonnay.
Dip some great crusty Sour dough into excellent EVOO then in to the Dukkah.  Heaven!

Stock now available, please give us a hoy ian@ofwineandyabbies.com